Advance Level (Part II): Biblical Exegesis


This course consists of Advance Level (Part II). There will be six modules with four parts. At the end of each module there will be an activity/assignment for a student for further evaluation. It is mandatory for a student to complete One Year Certificate, Two Years Diploma and Advance Level (Part I) in order to get admission in Advance Level (Part II). During this course a student is supposed to consult “Catholic Tafseer-Ul-Klam,” and Reading Chart for references.


Duration: Two Year
  • It requires completion of Advance Level (Part I).
  • The duration of this certificate will consist of six modules. Each module consists of four parts. It is mandatory to get through each module to qualify in the course.
  • Admission once taken will not be cancelled and admission fee is Non-Refundable.
  • Studies, assignments, practical exercises and preparation for exams will continue throughout the year.
  • It is mandatory to obtain 50% marks to pass the final exam.
  • Ensure continuous reading of the Holy Bible everyday for 15 minutes.
  • Invite and register 10 students as members of “Klam ke Lakh Dost.”
  • A special discount, depending on your marks obtained will be given in purchase of the course material.

Registration & Admission Procedure

  • Admissions are open throughout the year till November.
  • Complete Advance Level (Part I) : Biblical Context.
  • Tuition Fee of Advance Level (Part II).

Fee Information:

Tuition Fee: Rs. 520.-
Course Books: Free
Total: Rs. 520.-

Practical activity:

  • Registered 10 students in “Klam Ke Lakh Dost.”
  • Keep a record of reading the Bible from the date of your admission.
  • Allocate minimum 2 hours daily for study.
  • Bible Study Seminar

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