Studies in Biblical Sciences (SBS)

The aim of Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP) is to inculcate the desire for the Word of God in the hearts of Christian believers of all walks of life. The Second Vatican Council (Vat II, 1962-1965) emphasizes on: “…reading and study of the sacred books and the treasure of Revelation entrusted to the Church may more and more fill the hearts of men.” (Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, Vatican II, Dei Verbum, article 26, 18th November, 1965).

The Holy Bible itself witnesses that “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching…and for training in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16),” hence the mission of the Church is evident in all its aspects enriching Christian faith and belief in God.

Among many disciplines in the field of education, studying the Holy Bible stands on its own ground focusing on spirit-filled life of the faithful equipped with the knowledge and the experience of God. It is as important as the daily bread. For this there is an urgent need to prepare young generation of Christian believers with deeper and wider knowledge of the Sacred Scripture.

It was long-awaiting desire of the Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP) to launch Bible learning through correspondence and online. Hence “Studies in Biblical Sciences (SBS)” is an attempt to respond to this quest. Studies in Biblical Sciences (SBS) is Four Years Program. This program is based on Distance Learning Education System through correspondence. Medium Language is Urdu.

Studies in Biblical Sciences (SBS), Distance Learning Education Program would qualify the need of those who focus their minds and hearts on the Scared Scriptures. It will raise the standard of biblical literacy and improve the exegetical reading of the Bible.


For further detail you may read SBS Prospectus and contact us for admission.

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