National Klam Quiz 2016


Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP), after having launched Klam Ke Lakh Dost (2010) and Bible Marathon Pakistan 2012 has now, in view of the Golden Jubilee of Dei Verbum (1965-2015), launched Klam Ka Saal from Sunday 15th November 2015 till Sunday 13th November 2016.

One of the activities during Klam Ka Saal (2015-2016) was Inter Schools National Klam Quiz 2016. This program was formulated for the Catholic students of Class Vl and Vll. There is deep quest among school children for the Word of God. A text book, Klam Quiz Guide was prepared for Klam Quiz. There were seventy one (71) schools and one thousand seven hundred and five (1705) students registered.

Phases of National Klam Quiz 2016

National Klam Quiz was consisted of three phases. Phase one was held at School level, Phase two was held at Diocese level whereas Phase three was held at National Level.

Phase One: School Level

Phase One was held at school level. All the registered schools had their competition during the month of January and February in their respective schools. The Klam Quiz was from Klam Quiz Guide, New Testament (Pages: 111-168). Participation certificates were given in schools whereas medals for winners and other gifts were given during Phase Two at diocese level.

Phase Two: Diocese Level

Phase Two was held at diocese level. CBCP organize Klam Quiz at diocese level. To conduct these programs in the dioceses venues were booked. These were organized and conducted with the help of diocesan coordinators-CBCP, schools, principals along with students in every diocese.

The Klam Quiz was from Klam Quiz Guide, Historical Books (Pages: 8-62). Four students were winners from each diocese. Archdiocese of Lahore and diocese of Islamabad-Rawalpindi were split into two regions. Therefore these two dioceses had eight winner students each at diocese level. In this way total nine (9) programs were held at diocese level. Two hundred and eighty four (284) students participated. Thirty six (36) students won at diocese level.

Phase Three: National Level

Phase Three was at National level from 1-5 July 2016 at Murree in the host diocese of Islamabad-Rawalpindi. The Klam Quiz was held from Klam Quiz Guide, Prophetic and Wisdom Literature (Pages: 65-109). It was decided and written to all winner schools that questions could be asked from the entire Klam Quiz guide apart from the given section for decision making at National Level.

On 1st July 2016, all thirty six (36) students, a teacher/religious sister along with their respective diocesan coordinator arrived at St. Joseph Cathedral, Lalkurti, Rawalpindi. They stayed at St. Catherine School, boarding house for the night. There were fifty four (54) participants for the National Level. Fr. Rizwan Anthony and Sr. Venus FMM welcomed everyone as their hosts.

On 2nd July 2016, a cultural trip was arranged. They were taken to historical places like Shakerparian, Cultural Heritage and World’s second largest mosque, Faisal Mosque, and Lake View in Islamabad. They were given lunch at Our Lady of Fatima Church, F 8/4, Islamabad and then departed to Murree. They stayed at Forest Dell, Cart Road, Murree and stayed there for next days and night.

On 3rd July 2016, all participants went to Convent of Jesus and Mary, Murree for the Holy Mass and final National Klam Quiz 2016. H.E. Bishop Joseph Arshad, Bishop of Faisalabad, Chairperson, Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP) was the chief celebrant during the Holy Mass. Fr. Emmanuel Asi, Executive Secretary-CBCP and Fr. Anthon Ilyas, Diocesan Coordinator-CBCP, Islamabad-Rawalpindi diocese were co-celebrants.

The other participants were Fr. Joseph Shahzad, Diocesan Coordinator-CBCP, Archdiocese of Lahore, Fr. Amir Shahzad OMI, Diocesan Coordinator-CBCP, Diocese of Quetta, Fr. Aneel Khurram, Diocesan Coordinator-CBCP, Diocese of Multan, Fr. Yaqoob Yousaf, Diocesan Coordinator-CBCP, Diocese of Faisalabad, Mr. Akbar Raphael, Diocesan Coordinator-CBCP, Diocese of Hyderabad, Sr. Marian Saldana RJM, Principal, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Murree and many other RJM sisters and other congregations, teachers, parents and all students.

The competition was very tough and interesting to watch lively. The four winners of National Klam Quiz 2016 are as under:

First: Swera Afzal St. Paul’s Girls High School, Shadbagh, Lahore
Second: Daud Sarfraz Convent of Jesus and Mary, Mariakhel
Third: Susanna Zeeshan St. Mary’s Convent High School, Sahiwal
Fouth: Priscilla Basharat Convent of Jesus and Mary, Sialkot

H.E. Bishop Joseph Arshad, Chairperson, CBCP appreciated the tremendous efforts of Fr. Emmanuel Asi and his whole staff for National Klam Quiz 2016. He thanked everyone for their wonderful efforts for bringing this kind of event at National Level. H.E. Bishop Joseph Arshad, Chairperson CBCP awarded all the prizes to the students.

Fr. Emmanuel Asi, executive secretary-CBCP thanked each and everyone for making this event a pleasant success.

Four winners of National Klam Quiz 2016 were awarded memorable cheques of Rupees: First Position (Rs. 30,000.-), Second Position (Rs. 25,000.-), Third Position (Rs. 20,000), and Fourth Position (Rs. 15,000.-). The trophies of First, second, third and forth were also awarded along with Holy Bibles and Bibliogram. They were give honorary membership of Klam ke Lakh Dost (hundred Thousand Friends of the Bible).


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