Catholic Bible Study (CBS) Tours

One of the main objectives of Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP) is to animate, enable and empower people to know, to understand and to interpret the Text of the Sacred Scriptures. Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP) serves to provide the available auxiliary tools and Biblical knowledge. Thus CBCP in collaboration with other organizations organizes short term training programs.

Beside organizing and providing Training and Formation programs in the country Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP) is planning to organize Catholic Bible Study Tours (CBS Tours) of Holy Places of the Bible (Jordan, Egypt and Turkey). These tours will not be an excursion trip, these will be Bible Study Tours. There will be a Bible Study at the place. Each tour will be of 6 nights and 7 days.

Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP) strives to assist the local Church in building up of lay leadership in the field of Biblical knowledge as well as biblical geography based on the Bible. For this reason we have planned to organize CBS tours.

Participants will also serve a good linage and evaluation after having a CBS tour. They will work for Biblical Apostolate program in their respective diocese with Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan.

For more information you may see our flyer above or contact CBCP Office.

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